Starr Foster/Dance Project offers a variety of workshops that range from one-time-only demonstrations for large groups to more in-depth workshops for smaller groups. A presenter may also commission a workshop or lecture/demonstration that best meets their needs, to connect with a schools curriculum, SOL’s and present studies. Starr Foster/Dance Project also offers
Master Classes and long-term residencies. Performances and workshops are suitable for all ages, and can take place in all types of venues and spaces.


Commissions: Starrene Foster accepts commissions for original choreography and commissions to reset current repertoire.
Residency: Residencies are designed and scheduled to meet the needs of the presenter. Residency fees are based on the current University/School budget.

Performances: Special technical requirements needed. Includes the full company and larger works.

Lecture Demonstration: An informal performance that includes discussion about what inspired the dances and how the works were created.

Informal Performances: A performance without special technical requirements. Usually includes smaller works.

Master Class with Starrene Foster or other company member: A one-time only 2 hour class.

K-12 Educational Packages: Did you know that dance is not only is good for your health but also improves concentration and builds self esteem? Starr Foster Dance Project offers a variety of fun and educational packages to meet your schools needs, while still connecting to the current SOL’s. School visits may be long-term or short-term and may include any or all of the following:

1. Lecture Demonstration with or without audience participation
2. “In classroom” Master Class (focusing on the subject of schools choice)
3. Informal SFDP performance that includes students (requires the “in classroom master class”)
4. Teacher’s Workshop (A workshop designed especially for teachers)
5. DVD documentation

Fees may not include accommodation expenses or additional technical personnel.

For more information please contact Starrene Foster at 804.343.0250, or by e-mail at